Perform Content Experiments in Google Analytics


In early June, Google sent an email around to users announcing that you can now create A/B/N experiments (“Experiments” or “Content Experiments”) to measure the effectiveness of different versions of your web pages! This new feature is incredibly cool and, unlike

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Introducing Visitors Flow in Google Analytics

Good morning Nation! With so much emphasis placed on acquiring more website traffic, it’s easy to forget to examine what your visitors DO once they reach your website. Do they navigate your content as you and your website designer had intended or do they take an altogether different path? There’s a new version of Google […]

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Web Metrics for Site Speed Report

Hello Nation! As many of you know already, site speed is used to calculate rankings in the search results of Google.  It is also an important part of the viewing experience of your website.  If your website takes forever to load the homepage, I am definitely going to move onto the next website.  Google Analytics recently added new metrics […]

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Web Metrics for E-mail Campaigns

Hello Nation! E-mail newsletter campaigns are still an effective way to increase web traffic and leads.  In fact, e-mail campaigns are definitely more effective than social media at this time.  Why?  Because with an e-mail campaign, you are in control of every single aspect.  You control the message, the customer data, the ability to contact […]

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Regular Expressions in Google Analytics

Howdy Nation! Google Analytics uses regular expressions (regex) to define filters and track goals.  Regular expressions clarify the process of defining filters and tracking goals.  Regular expressions can be used to exclude a range of IP addresses for instance.  I am going to explain the meaning of each symbol in context of regular expressions. The […]

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Real-Time Web Analytics

Hello again Nation! Google Analytics recently joined those vendors, such as Chartbeat and Woopra, providing web analytics in real-time.  How useful is web analytics in real-time?  If you are not going make decisions in real-time, then the use of real-time web analytics is insignificant.  The value of web analytics comes from the examining trends over time. However, there are […]

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The Context of Web Data

Hello Nation! The difference between reporting and analysis is significant.  Google Analytics provides a plethora of data for all of your reporting needs; however, reporting will not yield actionable insights for your company.  Web analytics is the process of converting web data into positive insights to improve the bottom-line of your company.  If you do […]

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Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ) Exam

Hello Nation! Recently, I studied for the Google Analytics Individual Qualification exam.  My company, Blue Corona, wants to be the second Google Analytics Certified Partner (GACP) in Maryland, and I think that we are well on our way!  For a company to be a GACP you need to meet the following requirements: proficiency, business, and preferred qualities. The Proficiency […]

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Educational Opportunities in the World of Web Analytics

Hello Nation! My name is Sean Kelly, and I am the newest writer for Analytics Nation.  I am a web analyst for a web design and online marketing company in Maryland.  My quest for web analytics nirvana begins here with you.  We are going to learn as much information as we can on the rapidly […]

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