Introducing Visitors Flow in Google Analytics

Good morning Nation! With so much emphasis placed on acquiring more website traffic, it’s easy to forget to examine what your visitors DO once they reach your website. Do they navigate your content as you and your website designer had intended or do they take an altogether different path?

There’s a new version of Google Analytics available and buried inside the Audience section is a cool new report called Visitors Flow. Visitors Flow offers a graphical representation of the navigation paths taken by your website visitors. To say it’s awesome would be an understatement.

Not only does Visitors Flow allow you to visualize the way visitors navigate your website, but you can also view this information for different segments of traffic. For example, if you operate a local veterinary clinic and animal hospital, you may not care to see how visitors from outside your service area interacted with your website.

With Visitors Flow, you can create a custom traffic segment and view the navigational patterns from visitors only within your geographic service area. Here’s an example of what that looks like:

Visitors Flow in Google Analytics

See how visitors from within your service area navigate your site!

Isn’t this cool!? It’s pretty neat to see that out of 22 visits, only 11 entered the site directly through the homepage while another 11 entered through pages the company may not have anticipated (ex. the FAQs page!). Of the 5 visits to the FAQs page, only 1 continued on (and they returned to the homepage of the site). The remaining visitors left the site.

Is there an opportunity to examine this page in more detail and try to optimize it? It looks like there might be. What keywords are people using to enter the site through the FAQs page (emergency-pet-hospital-information)? Using the Landing Pages report in Google Analytics, we can answer this question:

top landing pages in Google Analytics

Top Landing Pages in Google Analytics

In this screenshot, we see that the FAQs page is getting organic traffic from keyword searches such as, “wv pet emergency hospital” and “how much do a 24 hour pet hospitals charge for a visit”.

The owners of this site can now visit the FAQs page putting themselves in the mindset of someone using one of these search phrases. Does the content on the FAQs page answer these questions? If not, are there clear Calls-To-Action to get to the pages of the site that do?  If not, they might expect a high visitor drop off rate.

This is just one example of how Visitors Flow – combined with other Google Analytics reports – can be used to optimize and improve the performance of a website. We’d love to hear how you’re using Visitors Flow so drop us a line or comment below.

Got other features of the new version of Google Analytics you’d like to learn more about?  Drop us a line and let us know!


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