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Google Analytics recently joined those vendors, such as Chartbeat and Woopra, providing web analytics in real-time.  How useful is web analytics in real-time?  If you are not going make decisions in real-time, then the use of real-time web analytics is insignificant.  The value of web analytics comes from the examining trends over time.

However, there are situations where the use of real-time web analytics is helpful.  For example, real-time is useful to monitor a new e-mail newsletter campaign or to see how visitors are reacting to a new promotional advertisement on your website.  In addition, real-time is useful to test a new tracking code for Google Analytics.  Real-time web analytics will show if those webpages with the new tracking code are being recorded.  It is important to remember that short-term results might not be statistically significant.  Be mindful of your real-time results in the long-term context of the web data.

In addition, a retail website could benefit from the use of real-time web analytics because the shopping experience should not be interrupted.  Real-time web analytics could instantly alert the retailer to fix the problem.  If you are a content or media company, then you never want the main content in the middle of your homepage to be stagnant for an extended period of time.  Real-time web analytics will identify the most important content on the website quickly.  Automated alerts are the most significant feature of real-time web analytics.  Automated alerts could be set up to notify you if data falls above or below a specified level.  It is also possible to have the alert send a text message to your phone for instant updates.

Real-time web analytics has recognizable limitations, but is helpful for the purposes of implementation and automated alerts.  Comment below and I will entertain questions.

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